"My mantra used to be, 'I will NEVER be outworked,' until I learned the importance of working smarter instead of harder."

- Liz Gleadle

photo by: Lars Steinke

About Me


I have the most incredible (and strange) job: I throw the javelin for a living. I’ve represented Canada at three Olympic Games (London, Rio, & Tokyo), won ten Canadian Championships, hold the National Record at 64.83m (212.7 ft), and competed professionally for the last decade.

I like track and field, but I LOVE figuring out all the little things that contribute to performing at our best.

Here’s why: I was always strong and tall (183cm / 6’1)... but in no way “naturally” athletic or coordinated. I was only good at javelin because I had a “head start” from years of playing fastball, mainly practicing pitching with my dad.

My Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology kindled a fascination in everything “high performance”. Alongside training, I’ve continued reading and learning about nutrition, sleep, active recovery, mental training, and yoga.

I use training and competing as opportunities to apply scientific studies, habits, and tactics, and then see how they affect my performance. 

In 2020, Airbnb Experiences invited Olympians to share their stories and strengths in online events. I created Win the Morning, and started teaching my favorite high performance tactic - having a science-backed, minimum effective dose, morning routine!

I now host two events - Win the Morning, and The Art of Recovery. My latest project is a bi-weekly newsletter, The Varsity Glow Up, to help others understand and apply foundational high performance habits.