The VGU #2

Jan 14, 2022

How does your morning routine make you feel? 🌞


If it takes you a while to feel energized, or to even think clearly...


Today's High Performance Habit: 

Do 90 seconds of squats! (Or pushups. Or whatever movement makes you a bit out of breath, but won't cause you to pull a hammy. Dancing is often my go-to!)

Set an alarm for 90 seconds on your watch, phone, or microwave, and GO! Throw on some music if it gives you a thrill!

Seriously. I invite you to take a break from reading this right now and give it a shot! 💃


Why It Works: 

When we start exercising, we release adrenaline and cortisol - horomones that promote focus and alertness.

These are our wakefulness hormones, and they work in opposition to melatonin (the horomone that helps us fall asleep).

Our body naturally releases these hormones upon waking to increase our sense of alertness and awareness of our surroundings. Without them we'd walk into things and be much more prone to injury 😅. 

Short bursts of exertion act as a trigger to make these horomones rise faster. Essentially acting as a safety mechanism.

Once we've shifted ourselves to this new state, we can tackle the next task with a renewed focus. No waiting for the coffee to kick in! ☕


Next week, we'll dive into the easiest way to start a new habit  (yes, there's a trick to it!)

Here's something to think about until then:

  • What is a habit you've always wanted to take on, but haven't?
  • What held you back from starting, or sticking with it?

- Liz